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When she was returning to the classroom from the canteen, Qin Ke Xuan saw Yin Xu Dong at her seat smiling splendidly and waving at her.

Qin Ke Xuan walked towards Yin Xu Dong, asking expressionlessly, “What are you doing here?”

Yin Xu Dong said gleefully, “I here of course to…” He surveyed the many eyes thirsty for gossip looking their way, “Let’s talk outside.”

Qin Ke Xuan walked out of the classroom first, with Yin Xu Dong following tightly after, grovelingly eager.

Qin Ke Xuan brought him up to the roof. “There’s no one here. Speak.”

“Qin Ke Xuan, you should not always walk around with such an unfriendly and unapproachable expression on your face, no wonder nobody dares tell you about this, of course, that is excluding myself.” Yin Xu Dong was immeasurably self-satisfied.

Qin Ke Xuan thought about it for a while, and it was indeed, the way he put it. He had been the only one, so far, who had narrowly escaped death, by her, twice, and still continued with tactlessly throwing himself in her face. He was actually a simpleton right. “If there’s nothing, I’m going.” And she proceeded to turn to walk away, not paying Yin Xu Dong any attention.

Upon such a sight, Yin Xu Dong panicked. He had not even accomplished his goals yet! He promptly grabbed her, “Qin Ke Xuan, no, Shi Fu! How can you bear treating your disciple in such a cruel way? Just walking away like that?” Yin Xu Dong was aggrieved, “… Okay, I won’t nonsense so much. I here because… y’know, for that… that… to learn Xiao Li Flying Daggers!”

“That’s not called Xiao Li Flying Daggers.” Qin Ke Xuan corrected.

Yin Xu Dong asked excitedly: “Then what is it called?” It definitely must be something magnificently glorious!

“Concealed Weapon Hurl*.”

(T/N: original text was “暗器投掷” => “Concealed Weapon Hurl” is pretty much a direct translation, if anyone has a better translation/name of this skill, please do comment below!)


Yin Xu Dong scratched his head, “Forget it, who cares what it’s called. Back to the topic, Shi Fu, when are you gonna teach me?” Yin Xu Dong was so excited all throughout last night, hence as to why he had not managed to sleep a wink. If he was able to learn Xiao Li Flying Daggers and Sunflower Dian Xue Hand, he would become the embodiment of superman and become an unparalleled existence! Ha ha ha ha! Uh, of course excluding Shi Fu whom he would be no match against.

“Don’t you have class?” Qin Ke Xuan asked seriously.

Yin Xu Dong froze, and scratched his head in embarrassment, “Don’t you think the stuff in textbooks are way too boring? It’s useless learning it, so why waste time bothering with such meaningless things?”

“Are you saying, that I am an idiot, and is wasting time?” Her glare seemed to radiate a trace of danger.

Yin Xu Dong was so scared he almost bit his tongue. How could he have imagined Qin Ke Xuan, the runaway student from yesterday, had suddenly decided to turn over a new leaf and become all studious? He tried to cover up his slip of the tongue, flustered. “I, I definitely did not mean it that way! Shi Fu, you’re exceptionally intelligent! Everything you do is right! Actually, actually, it’s me that’s too stupid, to actually think studying is a waste of time! I’m the most foolish person on earth!” He was this close to going as far as slapping himself.

Qin Ke Xuan ordered: “Go to school. I’ll be asking you questions in the future.”

Yin Xu Dong was unable to achieve what he had gone to do in the end, and left second High* and returned to his own school—the first High* in B city, after all, the almighty Shi Fu had said that she would ask him questions in the future!

(T/N: “second High” and “first High” are referring to 2nd and 1st ranked High School in the country respectively; schools are sometimes labelled with numbers)

After Qin Ke Xuan had, once again, stepped into her classroom, her classmates’ gazes fell on her uniformly. Some of which were of anger, some of disdain, others were… pretty much all of them were unfriendly looks. Qin Ke Xin was indifferent with regards to this, and instead proceeded to return to her seat calmly.

As expected, Zhou Jing immediately went over to her side, and asked quietly: “Ke Xuan, that handsome guy just now, what’s your relationship with him?”

Qin Ke Xuan looked at Zhou Jing, not saying anything. Zhou Jing, upon seeing her calm and collected composure, started feeling uncomfortable. “I, I just saw that his uniform was different from ours, so I was wondering why he’d come over to our school to look for you.” Why was it that when she looked into Qin Ke Xuan’s pitilessly black eyes, she would feel a sudden chill down her back.

Qin Ke Xuan: “That’s not something for you to be curious about.”

Zhou Jing, once again, walked away, the rim of her eyes reddening.

The other classmates urged Zhou Jing, as though impatient with her lack of realisation, “Leave her be next time! It’s not worth it for you to befriend people like her!”

“In my opinion, it’s definitely because she wasn’t able to successfully seduce Zhou Jing, and also since she’s already infamously known in our school, that’s why she’s looking for new hotties at another school. And also, was that hot guy from just now blind or something? How did he fall so easily for her tricks?”

“Sigh, what a pity that such a handsome guy would be ruined by her.”


Qin Ke Xuan read her book diligently, despite not quite understanding the contents, she decided to take it down for future reference and use.

During her lesson in the afternoon, Qin Ke Xuan still did not understand. She had looked through all the books in her bag, excluding some strange-looking symbols which she did not understand, she had pretty much memorised all the content in prose. As a killer, memory work was an important skill.

After school, Qin Ke Xuan went to the bustling city area again to gather information, before breaking into a run back home. After last night and this morning, she had tried twice. With her current speed, running back took a short while. If she were to recover her Inner Qi and use Qing Gong, she would definitely be faster.

(T/N: “轻功” = Qing Gong; it is a martial arts technique for making the body extremely light in weight, by altering the distribution and flow of Qi)

Qin Ke Xuan walked into the dusky alley, and slowed down after a few steps, stopping. She started slowly: “Come out.”

A number of people came out from the two ends of the alley.

A burly chap stood in front, his arms crossed, with an arrogant expression on his face as he looked at Qin Ke Xuan. “Little girl, you sure seem to know your stuff! Hua Zi and that bunch fool can’t even deal with such a little kid, and even had to trouble me to wipe their butts.”

The few who stood behind started mumbling: “Da Cheng Bro, don’t look down on that kid, she’s very strong.”

Qin Ke Xuan recognised him. From the bunch of people who had chased Yin Xu Dong and ended up provoking her, he was one of the less injured ones. The rest of them probably were still injured so severely they could not even move.

The person known as Da Cheng Bro waved his hands, fed up, “That’s because you guys were too rubbish! Shut up and stay behind.”

That person did not dare to make any more noise, and retreated worriedly.

Qin Ke Xuan felt that this was a make-up for her incomplete ‘exercise’ in the morning. Just look at these people, all tall and strong, they definitely are somewhat involved in the underground world, so that means their fighting should be pretty decent right. Or at least they would be more resistant to her beatings that the three girls in the afternoon.

The sides of Qin Ke Xuan’s lips lifted, for once, “Come!”

Da Cheng Ge froze for a second, the suddenly burst out laughing: “This silly little girl, seeing how you are a girl, all you need to do is kowtow and apologise, and we won’t make things difficult for you, how ‘bout that?”

The raised lips of Qin Ke Xuan’s twitched, these people sure had a lot of nonsense to say.

“Da Cheng Ge, that girl is actually quite pretty, why don’t we go one round?” Standing behind Da Cheng Ge was a guy with a wretched looking expression colouring his face, and looked in Qin Ke Xuan’s direction, his eyes full of lust.

Da Cheng Ge swept him a glance, looking down on him, “You actually interested in these kind of underdeveloped girls?”

That guy chuckled, saying: “Da Cheng Ge, sometimes these kind of under-ripe, young and inexperienced little girls are all the more fun and tasty, hehe.” The others standing behind, too, joined in, laughing vulgarly.

Qin Ke Xuan exploded forward, arriving behind the guy who had brought up playing Qin Ke Xuan. Her hand shot out, capturing his lower jaw in her grip. Against the background of his shocked gasp, her hand exerted a little force, and she dislocated it. Her other hand was not idling either, her elbow stabbed at his chest, and the sound of his rib fracturing sounded with a snap. She released her grip, and let the guy fall limply onto the ground squirming weakly, unable to call for help with his dislocated jaw.

The moment the guy fell, Qin Ke Xuan had returned promptly to her original position, as though she had never left. This momentary flash of happenings unfolded before the others’ eyes rendered them terrified and appalled. How had she done it? This was way too…

“You, you dare sneak attack*?!” The people standing around trembled, “You’re despicable!”

(T/N: okay people, anyone knows a better word for “偷袭” = sneak attack? I think there is one, but I can’t seem to remember > <)

Sneak attack? Despicable? Killers, especially assassins, never do things in the open.

Da Cheng Ge spat on the ground, a malevolent expression dyeing his facial features, and dashed toward Qin Ke Xuan, his fist swinging at her face.

Qin Ke Xuan raised her hand to block, and her leg swung, sideways, at his invitingly open stomach. The burly chap, as though a ball of crush paper, flew out. If it were not for the people at the back catching him, he would have slammed on the ground.

Sadly, even if there were people catching him, he would not be any better off. He twitched, before spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“Da Cheng Ge!” Everyone called him anxiously.

Shocked, and mad, the bunch of people looked at her, their eyes burning, and pounced at Qin Ke Xuan, unarmed. They were unarmed because they had severely underestimated her when they heard the enemy was only a little girl, so they did not carry any fighting props. Now, they were all wishing everyone could have a mace* in their hand.

(T/N: original: “狼牙棒” are those bats with those spikes that (bad) people usually use for (gang) fighting. Is that called a mace?)

Qin Ke Xuan did not retreat, but rather quickly gripped the arm that was swinging towards her. She broke it with a snap, and sent a kick at his legs, which was once again coupled with a snap. Then, as he fell howling in anguish, Qin Ke Xuan quickly swept her leg behind him, right at another person’s waist, sending him flying to one side. Following this, was a very one-sided beat-up. Everyone beaten by Qin Ke Xuan more or less had a broken arm or a broken leg.

The entire alley was filled with people lying on the ground, unable to get up. Those that somewhat have a little strength left hugged their injuries, groaning. Those drained of their strength could only lay there moaning in pain. The scene was as though a living hell.

Qin Ke Xuan was a little disappointed. These people, even though they were more big-sized then others, their fighting ability could not even measure up to the third-rate inferior practitioners in the martial arts scene.

Qin Ke Xuan walked over them and out of the alley. When she stepped on Da Cheng Ge’s body, his hand suddenly shot out and gripped her leg tightly. Her gaze lowered, meeting Da Cheng Ge’s eyes. His eyes were filled with bitterness and non-resignation.

Qin Ke Xuan exerted some force with her leg. Da Cheng Ge groaned in anguish, but his hand gripping her leg did not loosen. Qin Ke Xuan’s eyebrow raised, not bothering to continue showing any mercy, and instead, snapped another one of his ribs with a crack, “Would you, believe that I will snap every rib of yours?”

The bitter and undying spirit in Da Cheng Ge’s eyes were quickly replaced with that of terror, that women would definitely do as she had said!

His grip loosened, trembling.

Qin Ke Xuan stepped out of this living hell of an alley and continued with her mission—going home.

She dashed all the way home. Her speed was so fast an occasional brush against anyone, though she was quick enough to dodge immediately, would scare the hell out of them, thinking they had seen a ghost, which would be the dark shadow, of her, flying past.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –




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