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Qu Wei En 曲惟恩 QWE his initials
An Si Dong 安思冬 Xia Tian de Dong Gua | 夏天的冬瓜 Summer’s Wintermelon
 –  – Ni Kan Bu Jian Wo | 你看不见我 You Can’t See Me
 –  – Liu Ru Mei | 柳如眉 Brows Like Willow
 –  – You Nai Jiu Shi Niang | 有奶就是娘 You’re A Lass If You’ve Got Milk
 –  – Silence  –
 –  – Shou Ji Diao Ce Suo Le | 手机掉厕所了 Phone Dropped In The Toilet
 –  – Ah Li Ba Ba | 啊力爸爸 parody of ali baba; Papa Ali
 –  – Si Ye | 四爷 Fourth Master
 –  – Lu Hua Jia | 氯化钾 Potassium Cloride (KCL)


GAME SLANGS (alphabetical order)

AFK away from keyboard (depends on context) may be referring to the temporary unavailable from keyboard (due to power cut or going to toilet or something), or the permanently away the keyboard (as in, not playing computer games ever again and the likes)
CD cooldown the time it takes for skill to be able to be used again
MT main tank main tanker pulling the boss/monster’s aggro
OT over-tank/off-tank/over-threat a non-MT player being overzealous in their healing or dealing damage, hence causing the boss/monster to change targets
T tank the person that pulls the aggro


INTERNET SLANGS (alphabetical order)

555 呜呜呜 onomatopoeia for crying/sobbing
88 拜拜 bye bye
囧 (Jiŏng) embarrassed/awkward/speechless/frustrated/depressed/orz
board gathering 版聚 where netizens of the group/page/organisation/guild/etc gathers to meet/eat/have fun/play in real life (usually eating though)
CJ 纯洁 pure and innocent
MM 妹妹 or 美眉 little girl/little sister or pretty girl/babe; referring to females in general
NB 牛逼 awesome/epic/amazing
P fart
Re reference/repeat
PPMM pretty pretty MM/pretty girl
RP 人品 luck
pp post a picture; usually selfie
SP support


CHINESE NUANCES (alphabetical order)

Eat tofu 吃豆腐 take advantage of someone, usually to flirt or touch that person
Head-cannon 脑补 a verb to describe your head automatically whipping up a fantastic backstory or plotline to fill in the blanks the situation left
Ladyboy 人妖 a guy pretending to be a girl (often behind the computer)
Receive a friend card 被发好人卡 friend-zoned
Slash 耽美 yaoi/boys-love/guy-on-guy/the stuff fujoshi likes
Scrub the washboard 跪搓板 a form of punishment or sorts for guys in relationships/boyfriends/husbands


SHORT FORMS (alphabetical order)

BBS Bulletin Board System an online forum of sorts
CS Counter-Strike an online game
GRE Graduate Record Examination something like SAT and ACT
TS TeamSpeak a voice communication application
WOW World of Warcraft an online game


RELATIONSHIPS (alphabetical order)

Lao Da 老大 bro/boss/captain; basically referring to the oldest one of the bunch
Sao Zi 嫂子 sis-in-law/older bro’s wife
Waifu 老婆 a term of sickly sweet endearment by a guy to his girlfriend in a relationship similar to darling/baby, but of a higher level where the endearment terms upgrade to “husband & wife” level



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